Road Trip Series

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Road Trip’? Winding two lane roads crawling up the California coastline for a vacation in Carmel with the sea bashing the rocks 200 feet below you? Being crammed in the back of a station wagon with your cranky siblings, a worn pack of cards and baggies from homemade sandwiches for Thanksgiving with the cousins? Driving solo across vast open spaces with big blue skies in your 1962 Dodge panel van hoping you’ll make it to the next gas station?

It seems as if so many people are convinced it’s a good idea to pack up the car and drive for hours and hours, yet some cross country warriors yearn to be behind the wheel each and every summer, while others shudder and vow never again. As I listened to my teen son dream aloud of his first vehicle adventure, I was inspired to remember my own forays across this magnificent country.