Déjà Vu

In this collection, Paul calls upon connotations and geographical memories: that summer you spent at the beach, the tree you’d lean against to think, the path leading up the hill behind school, the view out the car window on the drive home. Landscapes that bring personal memories close at hand, allowing you to relive precious moments in time.

Contemplating the past while looking forward towards new horizons, both literal and figurative, enables Paul to manifest the mutability of time in her landscapes. The past becomes ever present, through the vehicle of memory and the physical places in which those memories reside. The textural environment Paul creates between her charcoal gray canvas and palette knife sets the stage for this phenomenon. By mixing oil paint and cold wax she creates the dynamic lines and intricacies that are the architecture for our own memories. As Paul describes, she is "smiling backward and smiling forward," mapping the joy of our most pleasant memories, replayed in Déjà Vu.